Insurance Coverage for Tort Claims

Warren Buffet’s much loved "float" is finally receiving some scrutiny, at least as to the asbestos-generated float. For years, anyone well-versed in asbestos watched various shell games among various insurers as they sought to avoid the sting of asbestos litigation. One of the biggest collective player of all – the London insurers – took one

There is a never ending saga of insurers seeking to redistribute costs, often after having stiffed their insured for many years. Another chapter in the story was written this month as the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in Potomac Ins. Co. of Ill. v. Pa. Mfrs. Ass’n Ins. Co. (Sept. 16, 2013), which considered issues

Insurers never cease to amaze, as illustrated by the recent Seventh Circuit decision in American Safety Cas. Ins. v. City of Waukegan, 2012 WL 882504 (March 16, 2012). There, the insurer (American Safety) argued that it had no obligation to defend until a $100,000 deductible had been paid out. That thesis was offered to

Mesothelioma claiming in the UK is generally directed against former employers, as opposed to manufacturers of products. And, employers liability insurance was traditional and later compulsory in the UK.  Accordingly, it is highly significant that the UK Supreme Court today ruled on the trigger for  Employers Liability (EL) coverage for mesothelioma claims. The opinion essentially

Humorous parodies are powerful. Two from youtube lampoon the supposedly "independent"  adjusters  who work for insurance companies.

This one addresses the absurdity of the handling of some car crash claims. After watching it, ask yourself : why do insurance companies ask everyone to clam up and deny fault even when fault is obvious, and why do people follow that

A new chapter may be opening in the long-running saga of London Market insurance coverage for asbestos claims. The story to date, in short, is that many London Market names and companies were in fact  insolvent in the 1980s and 1990s as a result of then-current and then-foreseeable asbestos claim payment obligations. However, most refused to admit

The insurance industry continues to create new structures to complicate and limit the risks of paying defense or indemnity for third party tort claims. Thus, set out below is the text of this on-line press release from Continental/CNA this morning. The bottom line is that Continental/CNA is seeking to transfer the financial risk of its