ACI has issued an agenda for its June 27 and 28 asbestos litigation conference in Chicago. Chairs include Jonathan Lively of Chicago’s Segal McCambridge. The agenda is dominated by science, with lung cancer claims receiving substantial attention. The agenda calls for sessions on the "each and every fiber" argument and on "Differential Diagnosis

Does early detection matter for mesothelioma? Yes, along with genomic variants. Consider a popular press story and medical articles report on doubling life expectancies for persons with resectable epithelial mesothelioma by putting radiation before tumor removal surgery. The result is 84% of a small group of patients reaching three years of survival, and the number

Some smart lawyers I know said "for asbestos litigation, 2014 will be the year of the trial lawyer."  Their observation was based on the ever-increasing  number of trial starts and verdicts across the country. 

Some evidence supporting their observation seems to lie in a second Madison County asbestos trial starting in less than two months.