For several years, it’s been well known that eBay traders could make some money selling to plaintifff and defense lawyers old asbestos-containing products, including even old vehicles. Typically the products were acquired for use as trial exhibits.  Now,  this online web site  is trying a new marketing approach –  advertising old asbestos product catalogs

One learns many things at asbestos litigation conferences. This year’s learning includes being told about a collection on flickr of well over 500 pictures of asbestos-containing products. Here is a picture of a box of asbestos snow. The related collection will appear to the right if you pull up that link. Or go here for

It’s a long story as to why, but I stumbled across some online and historic pictures of asbestos-mining and processing. The collection is presented by the McCord Museum of Montreal, which looks to be quite an interesting place. Its online presentations include a great collection of photographs and text showing asbestos mining in Canada