US plaintiff’s firms are continuing to publicize a recent British study finding a link between heart disease and asbestos inhalation. An example from Belluck & Fox is pasted below 


"A new British study reporting that workers exposed to asbestos run a higher risk of developing life-threatening illnesses in addition to mesothelioma is a

The text in bold below is from one of many press releases and "articles" generated by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization. The organization issues a constant stream of "news," thus creating many online references to asbestos and litigation. Accordingly, it provides "priming" for causing people to associate  asbestos, disease and litigation, thus fitting well

Asbestos litigation never ceases to surprise. This week’s surprise is found in an on line article by Kelly Holleran for the Madison – St. Clair County Record, a great, free on line resource for tracking events in the litigation industry in Madison and St. Clair counties. 

The story is that two different law firms filed suits for the plaintiffs,

This article from Business Insurance overviews points from an A.M. Best study to be released on Monday with data and projections on losses from asbestos and pollution claims. Here are some excerpts from the Business Insurance advance article:

“Best estimates the industry’s ultimate asbestos and environmental losses will reach $117 billion, down from a previous