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Xfinity Fails Again in River North, Chicago – Will Crains Chicago Business or Alderman Reilly

This afternoon, Xfinity’s “business class” Internet service has failed – yet again – in Chicago’s River North. These failures need to end, now. Accordingly, I just sent the following e-mail letter this afternoon to Crain’s Chicago Business, with a copy to Alderman Reilly’s office. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for action. But it’s nice to dream of reliable service.


To the Editors:

Will Crain’s please lead an effort to report on the repeated and massive failures of Xfinity “business class” Internet service? This afternoon there was yet another complete outage at our building at 445 West Erie, which arrived after what seemed to be LOTS of slowdowns. The failure disrupted work at, among others, a “big data” firm you previously featured in Crain’s (TempoDB), a media services firm, and my law firm. I suspect Xfinity’s failure took out the whole building, but I did not go to every door to confirm. We hear the failure was throughout the River North area.

We are business people paying for service, but Xfinity’s failures are repeated in River North, and screwing up our business operations. Simply put, we need reliable Internet service, but we do not have it. It obviously is going to take pressure from the business community to force change, and perhaps Alderman Reilly and other Chicago politicians also will get on board to force Xfinity to fix itself, or end its quasi-monopoly status. Will Crains will help lead the way to a solution?

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Kirk T. Hartley LSP Group LLC – Law Science Policy 445 W. Erie Street – Suite 102 Chicago, IL 60654 (O) 312-857-5545 (C) 312-802-4471 khartley@lspgrp.com

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