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WSJ Notes More Specialized Legal Training Other Than Obtaining a JD

“Nationwide, 14% of law-school enrollees are pursuing non-J.D. programs, newly released numbers from the American Bar Association show, compared with 8% five years ago.” The chart and the quote are from a December 20, 2018 WSJ article noting the trend.

It is good to see a focus on the evolution of law schools to offer various forms of degrees and specialized learning, rather like like some specialized MBA programs.  The article would be more cogent if it focused more attention on law school programs focused multidisciplinary programs. A prime example is the Center for Law Science & Innovation at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law.  That program is now 30 years old, and has inspired other similar programs. The LS&I Center is a great success in providing both lawyers to be and science specialists with the legal and non-legal knowledge needed to work in rapidly evolving areas, such as the intersections between genomics and law. See

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