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“Woman Who Was Raped as a Teenager Is Awarded $1 Billion in [Compensatory] Damages”

A $1 billion compensatory damages verdict last week seems to be another signal of significant unhappiness among the people who are serving on juries. An April 23, 2018 article in the NYT provides more specifics. According to the article, the trial was only on damages, perhaps after a default judgment. As described in my prior post of February 20, 2018. There, I highlighted a jury research report that emphasized that jurors are seeking to use their verdicts to send messages. According to the researchers:

“The most telling thing about the shift in attitudes is the message potential jurors want to send with their verdicts. While some core opinions may have remained somewhat stable, recent respondents are less willing to compromise, and they are more willing to use damage awards to voice their discontent with vigor.” 

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