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With a Criminal Case Lurking in the Background, Flying J Class Action Settlement – 100%, plus

Potential criminal charges certainly can be a game changer. Consider, for example, the new Flying J class action settlement in which it will pay 100% of damages, plus interest and attorney’s fees. The claims revolve around failure to pay 100% of promised rebates to trucking firms for purchases at Flying J stations. The settlement arrives while senior officers face potential indictments after five lower level employees pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

Humorously, the Journal duly reported the settlement, but forgot to mention the class was represented by the Barrett Law Group in Alabama. The WSJ is fond of thrashing that plaintiff’s firm and other Alabama plaintiff’s lawyers for both real and faux "issues." E. g. here. The WSJ’s selective reporting and thrashing approach – in the main paper – is sad to see. The Journal’s non-blog journalism continues to too often (not always) fail objectivity and completeness tests when it comes to reporting on litigation.

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