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Wine Glass or Faces – Thinking, Fast and Slow – Our Brains Do Amazing Things Without Co

Our brains do amazing things without conscious direction. For example, specific portions of our brains are programmed to quickly search for and recognize faces. Our perceptions also are shaped – instantly – by other inputs, including events prior to seeing an image, and events in tandem with seeing an image – such as smelling wine. The wine glass or faces experiment illustrated above is the subject of new work – here – that looks deep into the brain for the technical answers on brain function. For a wonderful general account of the workings of our brains, read Thinking, Fast and Slow by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, a psychiatrist. The book should be required reading for law students and lawyers, especially trial lawyers. Why? Because he explains both System 1 – automatic, "fast" thinking, and System 2 – the much more difficult process of reasoning and doing "slow" thinking. Messages to jurors – or any audience – need to be considered in light of both processes.

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