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Wide Ranging 2009 Article on Pleural Plaques in Europe

The UK is not alone in considering issues related to asbestos claiming and pleural plaques. Instead, the topic already is being addressed in various countries and no doubt will arrive on the table soon for other countries. The issue is unavoidable because asbestos use in the EU and elsewhere actually far exceeded asbestos use in North America  (for data go here to see Munich Re’s charts summarizing data beginning at page 98 in the appendix). Moreover, the use of amphibole fibers appears to have been more extreme. Various national approaches to pleural plaques are reviewed  in a fall 2009 n article that includes papers on the UK decisions, and the law in France, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, and Spain.  The article is here.

Thanks to Albert Azagra to alerting me to the article last fall – he is one of the authors.

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