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“Why insurers should fund medical research, By Dr John Moore-Gillon British Lung Foundation&#8

It’s good to see more people openly suggesting that insurers should be funding medical research on mesothelioma. The same principles also apply more broadly. Mesothelioma research should be funded by asbestos trusts, futures representatives, asbestos defendants, and unions. Set out below are excerpts from an article on the subject from the BBC on Sunday April 13. See

“One solution is to work with the insurance industry. If, each year, insurers invested in mesothelioma research just a tiny fraction of the amount they will end up paying out in compensation – for example, just 0.05% of that £11bn – it would absolutely transform mesothelioma research.

What is loose change for a multi-billion pound global industry could prove life-saving for thousands.

And what is more, as treatments improve, and more mesothelioma patients live healthy, fulfilling and economically productive lives, the amount of compensation insurers would have to pay out would fall.

It’s a win-win situation that should save the industry money.”

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