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Who Wants to Defend this Case Involving a Drunk Drive Rear Ending a State Trooper?

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin runs a service that reports on new complaints filed in Cook County in state court. The service describes the case as follows – it sure sounds like an awful case to defend on the merits. Maybe there is more to the story, but …

"Complaint alleges that Defendant Clark collided with the rear of the state trooper vehicle being operated by Plaintiff, which was legally stopped at the time of the accident. Defendant was allegedly negligent in operating his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit, operating his vehicle without keeping a proper lookout, failing to maintain proper control over the vehicle, failing to avoid the accident, failing to decrease his speed and failing to yield or stop for an emergency vehicle in violation of state law. Defendant Technisource is allegedly liable vicariously for the acts of Clark, as he was driving his vehicle in the scope of his employment when the collision occurred. Plaintiff Matthew Woodiel sues Defendants Daniel C. Clark, and Technisource, Inc."

The suit was filed by David Schwartz of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz.

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