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When Are Ships Really Asbestos Free?

Definitions matter when it comes to defining “asbestos,” and the facts matter when parties are arguing about causes (or not) of mesothelioma  Indeed, definitional issues are often confronted by defendants in “talc” cases.  In a similar vein, the definition of “asbestos free ships” also varies, and so asbestos-containing products actually may still be present in ships declared “asbestos free,” according to an August 22, 2016 article at Ban Asbestos Secretariat. The article is by “Centre Testing International Marine services (abbreviated to CTI Marine in this article) is an international accredited ship survey organization. Currently, CTI Marine is the only company in the world with an ISO17020 accreditation specifically for asbestos surveying of ships.”

One take away? Proving the presence or absence of asbestos exposures remains complex, and definitions need to be understood.

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