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Updated – Reactions to Travelers Manville Asbstos Bankruptcy Opinion

An article here provides a quick comment from Elizabeth Warren and mentions law students who helped Prof. Isacharoff.

A Law360 article here includes the following quotes:

“Gary Svirsky, a partner in O’Melveny & Myers LLP’s securities litigation practice who has been observing the case, said in an e-mail that the Supreme Court “opted to rule on the narrowest of grounds.” The court may have opted to keep its decision narrow “so as not to unduly limit the court’s flexibility in addressing complex problems that might be raised in future bankruptcies,” such as the recently filed bankruptcies of U.S. automakers, Svirsky said.”While beyond the scope of this report, the issues posed by nonderivative claims remain open and alive after this decision in our opinion,” he said. The court “seems to have gone out of its way to not adjudicate the actual merits of the dispute and just say that it has to progress in an orderly fashion from the bankruptcy court,” said Samuel Issacharoff, a New York University law professor who represented asbestos claimants in the case before the Supreme Court.serving the case, said in an e-mail that the Supreme Court “opted to rule on the narrowest of grounds.” An Am Law blog article by Alison Frankel reminds readers of prior exuberant comments by Travelers’ counsel, Mr. Ostrager, and quotes him as follows:

Ostrager told the Litigation Daily by e-mail that the Supreme Court ruling is “100 percent in our favor.” He added: “Every aspect of the Second Circuit’s substantive legal reasoning was rejected (either expressly or by implication). It is, therefore, a complete and total victory.”

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