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Update – A Long Swim – Across the English Channel – for ALS Research

Update on A Long Swim

Doug McConnell is now the 48th person over 50 to swim the Channel – go here for a look !! The thirty mile swim took just over 14 hours. In honor of his father, almost $150,000 has been pledged for ALS research.

The power of human will never ceases to amaze.


ALS is one of the world’s miserable diseases. It’s also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. More research is needed to stop the disease.

To that end, a friend from college fraternity days has embarked on a remarkable fundraiser which goes forward today: the journey is swimming the English Channel, starting in Dover today at about 1:00 (UK time).

He is Doug McConnell, and the project is called A Long Swim. Doug’s twenty-one mile journey is to honor his father (a victim), to raise money for ALS support and research through the Les Turner ALS Foundation, and to embrace a great challenge and adventure after more than a year and a half of arduous training.

The Les Turner ALS Foundation sponsors cutting edge scientific research. For anyone so inclined, donations can me made through its web page.

Doug’s progress can be tracked online The boat accompanying him is called Sea Satin.

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