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UK Supreme Court Rules for Plaintiff in What US Lawyers Would Call an Premises Asbestos Case

A victory for the plaintiff in a UK in a case that US lawyers would refer to as an asbestos premises case. The case was covered before in detail in a July 22, 2014 post at the UK Supreme Court blog. Now, the Supreme Court has allowed the claim, in a 3-2 ruling. You can see the UK Supreme Court announce its ruling in a YouTube video – here (really!) Here is a popular press story on the ruling. A press summary from the Court is here.  The opinion is here. The opinion turns on interpretation of UK statutes.

Imagine what it would be like if there was always this much transparency at SCOTUS, or in bankruptcy court rooms in, oh, for example, Delaware, North Carolina, New York or Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, for an even more specific example).

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