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UK Pleural Plaques – Developments in Scotland and London

The battle over pleural plaques claiming is continuing to evolve in the UK

With respect to the Scottish legislation allowing renewed pleural plaques claiming, an April 21, 2009 Business Insurance article by Sarah Veysey reports that four insurers have now filed the promised lawsuit challenging the pleural plaques legislation in Scotland. The article states: “the four insurers challenging the law represent more than half of the U.K. employers’ liability market. They are Aviva P.L.C.; AXA Insurance, the U.K. arm of AXA S.A., RSA Insurance Group P.L.C.; and Zurich Financial Services Group.” Much the same information is found on the website for the Association of British Insurers.

Meanwhile, the Brtish government still has not announced its position on pleural plaques. An April 8 article said that London is supposed to provide its answer on plaques “after Easter.” The article states in pertinent part:

“Prime Minister (Gordon Brown) has issued a statement that a decision on pleural plaques will be made when Parliament resumes after the Easter recess.

During Prime Minister’s Questions Brown was asked (by Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn) what he planned to do to end the compensation injustice for pleural plaques sufferers. Brown replied: “Asbestosis is a terrible disease, and all those who suffer from it deserve the best of help from the public authorities. It is right that we look again at this as a result of legal actions that have been taken about the obligations of insurance companies. “The Justice Secretary will make a statement on this when we return after Easter.”

I previously submitted to the government in London a detailed opposition the the pleural plaques claiming. You can see it here.

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