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UK Asbestos – Pleural Plaques Legislation – More Debate, No Real Action, Yet

July 4 seems like an appropriate day for a post on whether our legal forerunners in London will follow us in making the mistake of passing legislation to reinstate obtaining compensation for persons with pleural plaques. (To digress for a moment, I happened to be in London a few years back on one of the five days they had for oral argument in the appellate court on pleural plaques. It was a treat to hear US precedents cited to a British court after all the time spent in law school reading musty old British cases – who could forget the rule in Shelley’s Case. )

Back on topic, there was more committee debate on July 1 on the pleural plaques legislation, but no real action. You can read it all here on a very nicely done volunteer website known as TheyWorkfor You. The bottom line is that once again it was said that the government will announce a decision before summer recess, but no specifics were offered.

Due to how the UK government publishes its online draft legislation (to the great frustration of the volunteer group) the website does NOT include the full text of the legislation. Instead, you have to go to the official website here to get the text of the bill.

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