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Transcript of June 25 GM Hearing on Withdrawal of Request for Asbestos Futures Representative

As a result of bugging the clerk’s office and the court reporter’s office, the transparency-blocking 90 day veil has now been lifted from some of the General Motors bankruptcy hearing transcripts.

Here is the June 25, 2009 transcript that reflects the asbestos plaintiff’s lawyers withdrawing the request for appointment of a futures representative. The withdrawal was based on the grounds that there would not be a section 524(g) injunction order entered in the case and that orders entered in the case do not bind future claimants.

So, the asbestos personal injury litigation saga no doubt will go on as to GM at least for future claims. And, just as the bankruptcy court orders do not bind future personal injury claimants, the orders also should not bind underlying case co-defendants which decide to bring in those cases a contribution or apportionment claim against the new GM entity, if it survives.

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