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Top Plaintiff Lawyers in the US – A List

Lists. Modern life is full of lists. For the litigation industry, a relevant list was put together in 2010 – it’s a list of top plaintiff firms, as perceived by Mark Behrens and other defense-side lawyers at Shook Hardy.

Three years later, I’m posting about the list because it came up a couple of weeks ago when it was mentioned by a prominent asbestos plaintiff’s lawyer (Shep Hoffman) during a Perrin Conference talk. Shep was part of a panel offering insights into the future of asbestos litigation. One of his points focused on growth within the plaintiff’ bar. Sub-points focused on the ever-growing depth of the asbestos plaintiff’s bar, and the relative youth of some of the lawyers. For factual support, he cited to the Shook Hardy list. Go here for a Torts Prof blog post that includes a link to a live, digital version of the list. Go here for an AmLaw Daily article about the list and its creation at Shook Hardy.

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