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Three Events Signal a Notable Week for the Use of Genomics in Personal Injury Litigation

It's been a notable week regarding the use of genomics in litigation. Our webinar on the topic was well attended, including numerous young laywers from both plaintiff and defense firms, as well as some of the less young lawyers who have been using genomics for several years. In addition, two genomically skilled trial lawyers were joined new firms this week.

First, Susan Brice was recruited out of big law (formerly Bryan Cave and Mayer Brown) to become a senior partner in a Chicago-based environmental litigation boutique that has a well-deserved national reputation and practice. Nijman Franzetti is the firm; they published this cogent summary of Susan's work and some examples of her creative and effective uses of genomics in environmental and mass tort litigation.

Second, Howard Jarvis moved to joined Maron Marvel, a very smart national firm that's been especially active in using genomics in litigation for solvent cases involving blood cancers. Howard is a veteran trial lawyer who has used a range of genomic approaches in a range of cases, and is an enthusiastic mentor for young lawyers, as Maron Marvel knows well. A great move for all involved. The press release is here.

In sum, an interesting week for the use of genomics in litigation. I'm biased, but to me it's good to see more evidence that far-sighted law firms recognize that over the next several years, various forms of genomic analysis will take the preeminent role for understanding and litigating causation in personal injury litigation.

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