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The Ubiquity of Cancer: Another British Open Ends with a Prominent Connection to Cancer

The ubiquity of cancer is stunning, as illustrated at yet another British Open. The British Open of 2016 brought a truly great and record setting golf competition between Phil Mickelson and the winner, Henrik Stenson.  Golf tlak, one would think, would have crowded out everything else. But, in reality, Mr. Stenson ended his brief acceptance comments by dedicating the win to a long-time friend who just died of cancer, Mike Gerbich. And, runner up Phil Mickelson knows cancer too well through his wife, as previously pointed on this blog when the 2011 British Open came down to a battle between two men with wives stricken by cancer at young ages.

The point? Jurors, judges, and lawyers are surrounded by cancer. Decision-makers need to keep that in mind when considering product liability risks, product design and testing, insurance purchases, risk management and trial decisions. Scientists are racing to figure out the many diseases we call cancer, with the White House devoting major effort to pushing science forward. In my view, there will be significant long term benefits to companies that invest effort and money to understanding cancer, and doing the best they can to limit the impacts and spread of The Emperor of All Maladies.

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