• Kirk Hartley

“The System Cannot Find You” – Utter Incompetence and Indifference at Hotwire and

Below is an email I  sent to Hotwire last evening after its “system could not find me,” despite sending me a confirmation for a hotel room near LAX. As it turns out, the Hotwire computer and the hotel computer cannot find common ground, which the front desk manager admitted has been true for months. That mess lead to literally wasted hours and aggravation as I was “walked” for lack of rooms. So were three other people.  Ultimately, I had to find myself a new hotel room because of the incompetence and indifference of Hotwire and Joy de Vivre.

“YOU RUINED MY EVENING AND WASTED HOURS OF MY TIME WITH UTTER INCOMPETENCE!!!!!!!!!  See #  6397367440. You and the Custom Hotel walked me, did not call me, dropped my calls, and kept me on hold and then dropped me. You should speak with the Hotel’s Front Desk manager,  Alfred Roberts, at 310-258-5711. And, your internal person Armin screwed up too. You walked 4 of us and just screwed it all up royally. The hotel is at fault too. Ultimately, your moronic staff could not even find me a room and so I booked on Expedia. I will be ripping you on my blog in the morning ….

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