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“The Merry Old Land of Lawz” – Some Lawyers Are Creative, and Sing and Dance Too !

For Chicagoans looking for wickedly smart humor this weekend, consider singing and dancing lawyers presenting the Chicago Bar Association’s annual year end show of musical skits lampooning everybody.

We saw it Wednesday night and it was great, with its theme built around the Wizard of Oz. Our favorite skit of the evening played off the recent Illinois law change to allow gay marriage. The skit was to the tune of "ding, dong, the witch is dead." But in the skit, the lyric instead was "ding, dong, the gays can wed." And the skit was presented as the Oz-like dream/nightmare of Michele Bachmann (Dorothy) after accidentally being hit on the head by a poster carried by supporters of Obamacare.

Another great skit featured a faux Jesse Jackson Jr. singing "Bought It" to the tune of "Beat It." (Non-Chicagoans can go here for the back story if its not news you know.)

So, there’s proof – some lawyers really can be creative, and sing and dance too !

See the link for tickets – it’s at the DePaul Theater 1 block east of Michigan and Balbo. Eat and drink next door at Mercat (in the Blackstone Hotel) for a really great meal and convenience.

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