• Kirk Hartley

The American Pipe Tolling Doctrine Goes Back Up to SCOTUS

The American Pipe statute of limitation tolling doctrine is on its way back up to SCOTUS, as described in a January 15, 2017 article at D&O Diary.   American Pipe just keeps on going and going and going ….. Back in the late 1990s, I was the lead trial lawyer for a class action filed by large US companies seeking refunds of illegal taxes. The class action arose after my Katten Muchin partners had helped to take down the unconstitutional tax. The cases raised various issues regarding application of the American Pipe doctrine. More recently, in 2011, I mentioned the American Pipe doctrine in the context of barking about how poorly our legislatures and courts deal with mass torts. It will be interesting to see where the doctrine is taken in 2017.

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Since becoming a lawyer in 1983, Kirk’s over 30 years of practice have focused on advising a wide range of corporations, associations, and individuals (as both plaintiffs and defendants) on both tort and commercial law issues centered around “mass torts.”


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