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“Sustainability and human health issues pertinent to fibre reinforced polymer composites usage

A new review article that may someday be relevant to toxic tort litigation.   “Sustainability and human health issues pertinent to fibre reinforced polymer composites usage: A review,”  doi:10.1177/0731684414521087, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, June 2014 vol. 33 no. 111069-1084.

The abstract states:


The specific properties of fibre reinforced polymers give them a lot of advantages over traditional materials but the long life of polymeric composites poses serious environmental threats raising sustainability concerns. The other issue of importance concerning the innovators and environmentalists in the mass usage of this material is its health impacts on human beings. This paper thus attempts to highlight and surface out the issues related to fibre reinforced polymers’ sustainability and their health impacts on human beings, by reviewing past studies on the subject, to examine critically the extensive body of published data, prior observations and ideas on the subject in order to identify and analyse those features that are intrinsic and unique to fibre reinforced polymers. This would thus serve as a conceptual model for future research on fibre reinforced polymer composites sustainability and health concerns.”

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