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Suits Against Sovereigns – Class Action Filed Against the Commonwealth of Antigua and Barbuda

Here is an excerpt fron this blog post by Kevin LaCroix at The D + O Diary:

“The Latest Stanford Financial Group Lawsuit: According to a July 13, 2009 Bloomberg article (here), Stanford Group investors have filed a class actoin lawsuit in the Southern District of Texas against The Commonwealth of Antigua and Barbuda, alleging that the Caribbean nation helped the financier engineer a massive fraud. The complaint (here) , purports to be filed on behalf of all individuals and investors who were customers of Stanford International Bank as of February 16, 2009, alleges violations of and seeks to recover damages under RICO.

I have added this latest lawsuit to my running register of all Stanford Group-related litigation, which can be accessed here.”

Set out below are two paragraphs from the Complaint:

“3. Antigua is sovereign, but not above the law. It became a full partner in Stanford’s fraud, and reaped enormous financial benefits from the scheme. Stanford stuffed Antigua’s coffers – and its officials’ pockets – with money stolen from unsuspecting customers throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, and elsewhere. Antigua worked tirelessly to protect and nurture Stanford’s criminal enterprise and, in return, eagerly accepted its share of criminally-procured funds.

4. As described more fully below, Stanford’s massive fraud would not have been possible without the active, knowing, and essential assistance of Antigua. Antigua: (i) provided a safe haven for Stanford to operate; (ii) provided essential assistance in Stanford’s efforts to portray itself to Plaintiffs and other members of the Class as a legitimate provider of financial services; (iii) participated with Stanford in a variety of commercial activities in Antigua that provided a pretext for the transfer of criminal proceeds from Stanford to Antigua; (iv) provided false and fraudulent information to the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and other regulators in order to thwart the SEC’s investigations into Stanford; and (v) shared in the criminal proceeds of the conspiracy, all or substantially all of which were stolen from the Plaintiffs and other members of the Class. “

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