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Speaking Today to a National Gathering of Actuaries Regarding Asbestos Litigation

Today will bring a new experience in speaking and writing about asbestos litigation: presenting as part of a panel at the 2015 annual national gathering of casualty actuaries. The annual meeting is the 2015 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar and Workshops, now underway in Atlanta. The presentation follows up on the recent white paper I co-wrote and co-published with professionals in molecular science (David Schwartz and Giovanni Ciavarra of Innovative Science Solutions), and an actuary (Bill Wilt of  Assured Research).  The paper focuses on science and data that goes well outside of the usual parameters. it’s titled: “New Science and Law in Asbestos Litigation: A Multi-Disciplinary Look at Change and Future Directions.” The paper is available here.

For the panel, Bill Wilt is presenting from an actuarial perspective and addressing chronic under-reserving by insurance companies for asbestos litigation expenses. Jorge Sirgo of Gnarus Advisors will address variables and possibilities regarding models for the future. My presentation will explain some of the substantive changes in asbestos science. I also will cover why there has been so much change in asbestos science in the last few years, and why so much more change will arrive over the next few years. We’ve been asked to present the panel twice, and are hoping for a very interactive sessions with the actuaries.

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