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South African Miners Sue Anglo-American in London

The BBC has the story on new dust and lung injury litigation filed in London on behalf of South African miners. The suit is the latest in a string of suits brought by Leigh Day for persons living in Africa. The key excerpts are as follows:


"Dust levels were high and they suffered massive rates of silicosis, a known hazard of gold mining for the last century."

Leigh Day & Co said the workers faced the health risks up to 1998 – four years after white minority rule ended.

"Black miners known to have contracted silicosis were allowed to continue working in underground dusty conditions," it said.

The law firm alleged that workers from South Africa’s Eastern Cape province and neighbouring countries, including Lesotho and Botswana, had fallen ill.

"Communities in areas of Eastern Cape and Lesotho have been decimated by what one leading South African medical expert has referred to as a river of disease flowing out of South African gold mines," it said.

The firm said the case was similar to the one South African asbestos miners brought about a decade ago against UK multinational, Cape Plc

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