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Seminar on European Class Actions

Who was the last person to assure you that Europe would never entertain class actions ?  Perhaps you should send them an email and invite them to attend this upcoming seminar in Frankfurt on March 12 and 13.

The summary below is from an email circulated by Mark Hilgard, chair of the program.

“Topics of the seminar will be, inter alia,

Class Actions in Canada

How Foreign Parties become involved in US Class Actions:

International Human Rights Class Actions

The Status of Class Actions, Mass Litigation and Collective Redress in Europe and the Pirate Bay Case

The European Initiative / Green Paper

Class Actions in Germany

• The Plaintiff’s Perspective

• The Perspective of a Defence Lawyer

• Handling of Class Actions: The Perspective of a Judge

Class Actions in Austria

Class Actions in Mexico

Class Actions in Switzerland

Class Actions in Ireland

Class Actions in France

Class Actions in Italy – under new and old Law

Class Actions in Spain

Antitrust Class Actions

Securities Litigation

Collective Product Liability Claims

Panel Discussion

• Opt In or Opt Out – Are we heading into the Right Direction?

Funding of Class Actions

D&O and the Role of Liability”

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