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Rio Tinto International Litigation, Mediation Order and Example of a Young Lawyer Who Apparently Cre

Here is the link to a brief but very helpful summary of a decade of international tort litigation against Rio Tinto. The article includes its own helpful links, and keys on and links to a recent 9th Circuit opinion ordering mediation of the claims before considering an appeal.

Note also the fascinating career path of the author, Sarah Altschuller of Foley Hoag. Set out below is the text from her page at the firm’s website. It looks like a smart, determined person can create a very special career. Note also her article on corporate due diligence on human rights issues.

"Sarah Altschuller has been a member of Foley Hoag’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice since 2003. In this role, Sarah advises a wide range of multinational companies regarding the development and implementation of CSR strategies, policies, and procedures. She provides counsel regarding corporate interactions with socially responsible investors, and advice on stakeholder engagement with local communities, host governments, and non-governmental organizations. She also conducts site-level human rights and labor rights impact assessments, as well as due diligence efforts.

Sarah’s in-depth practical experience includes post-law school studies at North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh (2002–2003), where she conducted research on how changing international trade regulations impact the country’s garment sector. Before entering law school Sarah conducted social research on publicly-traded domestic and international companies at KLD Research & Analytics, a socially responsible investment firm, currently part of RiskMetrics Group."


Hat tip to ‘Lexology," an American Corporate Counsel which presents articles of interest by topic. Lexology included Sarah’s article on the 9th Circuit’s decision.

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