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Reinventing Testing for Physical Data – Two Examples – Rethink Possible

Computers, cell phones, cameras and chips are radically and rapidly reinventing testing for physical characteristics, and at exponentially lower prices. Consider, for example, this article about an inexpensive and fast way to test for contaminated water. The old test cost is said to cost $1,000 and take three weeks to get answers. The new test chip is less than $50 cents, and requires access to a good cell phone camera. Results are in minutes. Or, consider this “pocket molecular sensor,” which is being funded on Kickstarter. Even if both articles are over-hyped by 50%, the products and results still mark exponential change.

The relevance to lawyers and others in toxic torts? The ongoing revolutions in computers and molecular biology are bringing fast, major changes. The definition of “possible” grows broader every day.

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