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Recent Damages Award in Scotland – Mesothelioma

This BBC article reports on damages recently awarded in a mesothelioma death case in Scotland involving a 66 year old man who worked for a construction company in an unspecified job. The articles sets out the damages awards as follows:

"Following expert medical evidence Lord Doherty said he proceeded on the basis that, but for the condition, Mr Wolff could have expected to live for another 17 years.

Mrs Wolff sued both as an individual and as executor following the death of her husband. The judge granted her a total award of £258,520, including £65,000 for the suffering of Mr Wolff – who had experienced "exceptional pain".

The judge also awarded damages to the couple’s three daughters totalling £52,317. The couple’s granddaughter was awarded £7,084.

Claims made by other family members have already been settled."

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