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Quebec Sues Big Tobacco for $ 60 Billion

Quebec has filed its suit against big tobacco for past and future expenses – the press release is here and the complaint is here, but in French. The opening section of the press release is pasted below.

"QUEBEC CITY, June 8, 2012 / CNW Telbec / – The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Quebec, Mr. Jean-Marc Fournier, and the Minister of Health and Human Services, Dr. Dr. Yves Bolduc, announced that the government Quebec takes legal action against the manufacturers of tobacco products for their claim the cost of health care related to tobacco.

The amount claimed is over $ 60 billion. It represents the expenses incurred by the Quebec government since the establishment of Quebec’s health insurance and planned spending by 2030.

Concealed information about the dangers of tobacco

In its application, the Quebec government essentially argues that the tobacco companies have made false representations and that they failed to inform consumers about the dangers and addictive effects of their products. According to the lawsuit, these acts were committed intentionally and in concert with respect to users of tobacco products, among which are many children and adolescents.

"We are filing today a request particularly detailed and documented, which builds and cites more than 1,300 documents from the manufacturers themselves as well as rigorous evaluation of health care costs related to tobacco. This comprehensive approach is unique in Canada . Our team has worked hard and has taken the best ways to ensure the most effective progression of this unprecedented record for Quebec, "said Minister of Justice."

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