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Pro Bono Advocacy Opportunities for Persons with Cancer – Maybe a New Resolution for 2014?

And so a new year arrives, with new opportunities. For lawyers interested in new pro bono advocacy for 2014, how about assisting persons who have cancer or are coping with after treatment impacts? A January 13, 2014 ABA webinar will focus on cancer-related pro bono advocacy needs and opportunities. The webinar is free for ABA members.

One of the speakers – Joanna Morales – is especially top notch. Joanna taught the first law school course on rights of persons before, during and after cancer, and currently is at work on writing a casebook for use at any law school. The textbook is being written with her equally talented and knowledgeable colleague, Monica Bryant. Both Joanna and Monica work full time on cancer-related issues through a not for profit known as Triage Cancer.

Cancer is by itself terrifying. And, it creates creates myriad legal issues, ranging from coping with insurance issues to workplace issues to …..Your legal skills can really can make a difference for persons coping with cancer and/or its consequences.

[Full disclosure – I’m a board member for Triage Cancer.]

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