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Presentation on Genomics Moving into Benzene and Asbestos Litigation – Society for Risk Analys

Genomics continues to move in to toxic tort litigation. Examples of the move and some thoughts on implications are set out in presentation in early December by Gary Marchant and yours truly at the annual meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis. Gary’s foresight in this area is far ahead of most everyone else, and it was very kind of Gary to include me in the presentation. Ever busy, Gary also presented on hormesis and nanomaterials, and the implications are important.

Further specifics – and links to both presentations – are set out in a December 19, 2014 post at Bits, Bots and Biomarkers, a blawg covering a wide range of new developments at the intersections of science and law.  Bits, Bots and Biomarkers is a blawg maintained by the Center for Law, Science & Innovation at ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. The center is the national leader in utilizing multi-disciplinary to accelerate progress across many of the growing intersections between science and law, and Gary is one of the primary leaders within the center.

Full disclosure – I am (delighted to serve as) a member of the outside Advisory Board for the center.

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