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Predictive Coding In First Trial in the UK

Different technologies are deployed into different courts at different times. According to a new article, predictive coding has now been used in trial in the High Court in the UK.  The story is explained in a 3 March 2018 article from Berwin Laighton Paisner. The introduction is pasted below:

“As we reported previously, in May 2016 BLP secured an order from the High Court allowing us to use Predictive Coding in defence of a substantial unfair prejudice petition against our client BCA Trading, notwithstanding the objections of the petitioner. The use of Predictive Coding had been approved for the first time by the English High Court earlier that year in the Pyrrho case, where both parties had agreed to its use.

The BCA case proceeded to a 12 day trial in October 2017 and judgment was handed down in BCA’s favour. This is the first case that we are aware of in which a disclosure exercise using Predictive Coding has been tested at full trial in England.”

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