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Praedicat – Foretelling the Future of Toxic Tort Litigation

How many medical journal articles did you and your toxic tort team review in depth in 2013? Perhaps you have a deep and skilled team, and maybe made it through 100 medical journal articles? Perhaps your team has fewer resources and made it through 50 medical journal articles? And is it correct to think the team is not reviewing any hard core journals about genomics, and/or molecular chemistry or…..?

Imagine your team instead going through over 22 million scientific journals from 10,000 journals. In depth. In great depth. With computers and people that catch it all. Also imagine really understanding what the articles are saying and mean. And then imagine staying continuously on top of all the new articles and citations. Then pair all that knowledge with knowledge gleaned from a constant look through the comparatively small pool of toxic tort case law and statutes flowing out every day. Then imagine putting together all that science and law information together, and understanding what it means, when viewed as a whole.

How soon will that be done? 2025? 2035?

The correct answer? Last year, at Praedicat. Go here for a brief glimpse into the future of toxic torts. Or, as they call it, the future of "litagion" agents.

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