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Pleural Plaques Legislation in Scotland – Enactment and Insurer Challenge Ahead

A prior post on this blog provides background on potential UK legislation regarding whether there should be payments for pleural plaques.

A new article In the Scottish press indicates that Scotland will move ahead this week to enact legislation that would reauthorize lawsuits to recover compensation for pleural plaques. The same article indicates that insurers are readying a legal challenge.

I won’t try to predict the outcome of the litigation. I will, however, predict that the Scots are materially underestimating the number of plaques claims that will be filed and paid.

I’ve previously posted here a detailed 34 page outline previously submitted by me to London as to why it is bad policy to pay compensation for pleural plaques and other conditions that do not involve impaired or measurable risk. Simply put, there are too many such conditions to pay them all, and many more will soon be recognized as science moves ahead. The better policy, in my view, is to invest in science to understand, manage and some day cure or delay diseases that actually cause impairment or death.

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