Plaques Discussion Ahead in the House of Commons

Back to Europe for the day.

The House of Commons is anticipating discussions on pleural plaques vis a vis the apparent path of Scotland affirmatively acting to permit plaques claiming via legislation, but England and Wales not allowing compensation and other European countries taking divergent various views.  The following remarks are from January 28, and are courtesy of They Work for You. 

Stephen Hepburn (Jarrow, Labour)

Will the Leader of the House give us an early debate on pleural plaques? We need to be able to lay down a marker on any Government proposal that might allow future victims of pleural plaques in Scotland to be compensated by the British taxpayer, when future English victims will get nothing at all.

Harriet Harman (Lord Privy Seal, House of Commons; Camberwell & Peckham, Labour)

I thank my hon. Friend for raising this important issue. We are aware of the strength of feeling on this matter, and are firmly committed to ensuring that people suffering from asbestos-related diseases receive the help and support that they need. We hope to be in a position to give the Government’s response on pleural plaques soon.

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