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Over $ 1 Million Jury Verdict in Australia for Mesothelioma Victim

In Australian asbestos litigation, a recent $1.15 million jury verdict against James Hardie is reported here. The suit was by a former employee who developed mesothelioma. The key excerpts state:

"A Victorian Supreme Court jury has awarded compensation of more than $1 million to a man exposed to asbestos nearly 40 years ago.

Eric King, 62, developed mesothelioma after he was exposed to asbestos at a James Hardie factory in Western Australia in 1972.

Mr King’s lawyer, Andrew Dimsey, says his client was awarded $1.15 million, despite attempts by James Hardie to have the jury dismissed.

"This is a case where every issue was in dispute, from James Hardie’s duty of care, to its breach of duty of care, to the cause of the cancer and the damages claim by Mr King. So every issue was hard fought," he said."

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