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One MDL Magistrate Judge Says Narrow Discovery May Be Taken Regarding Prefiling Investigation in a M

How much pre-filing inquiry is needed for a “mass tort” product laibility claim, and when must be it done ? A recent opinion in the Digitek MDL is related to those issues, but is limited to a narrow discovery issue. Digitek is a drug. The claims in essence are that a batch of the drug was mismanfucatured, resulting in sales of doses more potent than usual, with the more potent doses caapable of causing material physical harm.

The discovery requests at issue are defendants’ requests for admissons. The requests seek admissions that medical and pharmacy records had not been obtained by plaintiff’s counsel when 39 particular claims were filed. The defendants acknowledged the obvious reality that the discovery requests are aimed at generating evidence to support Rule 11 motions that defendants might seek to file in the future. That’s important because some opinions have warned against Rule 11 motions spawning “satellite litigation.”

A Magistrate Judge’s opinion approves the discovery requests over plaintiff’s objections. The opinion is a basic work a day paper with limited analysis, and a weak discussion of legal privilege issues (although the outcome seems correct. That said, there are precious few opinions out there on precisely these issues, so the opinion is worth reading and tucking away for persons commonly involved with mass tort litigation. The opinion is here.


Hat tip to LAW360 for publishing an article on the opinion and including the opinion with the article.

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