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Old Baseball Gloves and Football Helmets with Asbestos Linings – Ebay

Here is an article by an Ebay trader showing pictures of old baseball gloves, and really old football helmets (think Red Grange style helmets) lined with asbestos to provide padding. These are just two of the many uses of asbestos as a textile.

Why, you might wonder, is an Ebay trader writing about asbestos. It’s been well known for some time that asbestos litigation generated its own niche of Ebay shoppers, as is described here in an article from 2003. Why? For one, both plaintiff’s lawyers and defense lawyers seek to find visual evidence for use in trials and during discovery. So, we buy old catalogs, pictures or even samples of products. Investigators and lawyers also buy and test old products for the presence of asbestos. For example, in a case I was involved with, there was no immediately clear source of asbestos exposure, but the plaintiff had a form of cancer (mesothelioma) usually but not always linked to inhalation of asbestos fibers (especially inhalation of amphibole asbestos fibers). Testing of old appliances proved that he had worked for a few years at an appliance production facility operated by a company that sold a line of products that included wires insulated with asbestos fibers.

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