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Now the Nemeroff Firm Takes Credit for Blocking Transparency as to Asbestos Trusts

Last week Baron & Budd took credit for blocking transparency in Louisiana as to asbestos bankruptcy claiming. This week the Nemeroff law firm also is taking credit for the same outcome, as described in the press release below.

The press release is pasted below:

NEW ORLEANS, June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — As the Louisiana legislature marks an end to its 2012 session, the Nemeroff Law Firm celebrates a win for victims of mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. Nemeroff lawyers played a critical role in striking down Neil Abramson’s Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Transparency bill, which would have resulted in significantly reduced legal judgments and unfair and duplicate regulations for asbestos victims seeking compensation for their injuries. Although unanimously passed in the House, H.B. 477 was defeated in committee by the Louisiana Senate in a 4-2 vote.

The proposed legislation would have required additional victim disclosure that is contrary to long-standing rules governing admission of evidence. By allowing defendants to introduce evidence about hypothetical compensation it could have reduced actual compensation for victims, and in some cases removed the ability of a judge to determine whether evidence was admissible in court.

"This ill-conceived and potentially harmful legislation would have further victimized individuals suffering from mesothelioma and their families by forcing them to jump through unnecessary legal hoops and significantly reducing their ability to seek fair compensation," said attorney Rick Nemeroff, founder of the Nemeroff Law Firm, which helped lead efforts to defeat the bill. "Even worse, this legislation would have made it easier for the companies that caused that suffering to dodge their responsibility."

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that occurs in the protective lining of internal organs and is most commonly found in the lining around the lungs. The primary cause of the disease is asbestos, a fibrous mineral used extensively by manufacturers and builders. Mesothelioma may take as long as 60 years to develop after exposure and treatment can be very expensive.

While measures and regulations have been implemented to reduce asbestos exposure, some companies still manufactured and used these products long after they were known to be hazardous and harmful. Court documents have proved that asbestos industry officials knew about asbestos dangers and concealed them from the public.

With licensed attorneys in Louisiana, the Nemeroff Law Firm represents mesothelioma victims nationwide and has been awarded over $20 million in verdicts in Louisiana alone.

About Nemeroff Law FirmWith offices in Dallas, Houston and Pittsburgh, the Nemeroff Law Firm is a nationally recognized trial firm dedicated to helping individuals and families who suffer from asbestos related mesothelioma, harmful pharmaceuticals, and catastrophic personal injuries or death as a result of the wrongful or negligent conduct of others. Led by attorney Rick Nemeroff, the firm serves clients throughout the United States and Mexico, combining compassion and caring with aggressive litigation skills to deliver life-changing results. For more information, contact the Nemeroff Law Firm at 866-435-1831 or go to .

SOURCE Nemeroff Law Firm

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