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North Carolina Baptist Finds a New Way to Worsen the Smell and Its Reputation Risk

Amazing what some will do, regardless of the reputation cost. Some months ago, this post mentioned North Carolina Baptist hospital being the target of a class action because it charged its employees more for health care than it charged other medical groups. Not surprisingly, the hospital chose to settle and pay the class.

But wait, there’s more. The hospital now is trying to change the settlement deal after class notice and approval. Apparently the hospital never figured out that it would be responsible for paying the employer portion of the federal taxes on wages. So, now it wants to recut the deal to have its share of the taxes paid out of the fund. Employees, however, would be left to pay their own share of the taxes on wages. The story in detail is told in this motion seeking to block the hospital from changing the deal. This newspaper article tells the story very publicly. So, now that it was almost done being dragged through the media, and after perhaps having saved some face by paying the class, the hospital found a way to once again shoot itself in an appendage. Amazing.

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