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New Ways to Learn and Work: Multi-Disciplinary Education for Professionals Across the Illinois Cour

A multi-disciplinary judicial college aimed at education beyond the judges is an interesting idea now underway in Illinois. The new program was just adopted and described in a January 4, 2016  article in the Madison County Record.   Set out below are a couple of key points. Kudos to the lawyers and judges who see the need for multi-disciplinary collaboration and put this program in place.

“The Illinois Judicial College will act in accordance with the Supreme Court to provide educational programs and professional development training to state judges and employees of the judicial branch.

***  The Court initiated the idea of a college last year when it asked the court’s Committee on Education to create and propose a model. All parties recognized the need for a multidisciplinary approach to judicial education, going beyond the existing system led largely by committees and conferences. “We already have education programs for judges, but we want to expand these programs and deal with issues that address the entire justice system, not just the judges,” said Bethany Krajelis, senior communications specialist to the Illinois Supreme Court.


In the approval process, the Court emphasized the need for collaboration. Under the administration of the Committee on Education, there are already programs for judges to learn together with probation officers, trial court administrators and circuit court clerks, but all parties agree that more could be done.”

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