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New Lawsuit Filed to Block State Law Limits on Practicing Law in the US

Advocacy groups continue to attack barriers to multi-state law practices in the US. I’m sympathetic. Last year I almost applied for admission to practice in Florida. The requirements are absurd, and plainly are anti-competitive rules aimed at discouraging lawyers from practicing in Florida. The requirements also include personal intrusions, such as demanding my fingerprints.

Its’ hard to imagine how bar examiners justify giving first year lawyer quizzes (bar examinations) to accomplished lawyers. How on earth is it relevant if I know the rules on doing a will or a trust in Florida – that’s why some of us are estate planning lawyers and some of us think about mass torts.

To end the rant and get to the news, the latest lawsuit is in California. The complaint is here on the website of the advocacy group. The group describes itself as follows:

"The NAAMJP is a public benefit corporation founded by attorneys for the benefit of attorneys seeking to obtain bar admission in another State or U.S. District Court without taking another bar exam. The ABA MJP Commission has concluded that one bar exam is more than enough almost 10 years ago. We are actively petitioning for the equivalent of a driver’s license for lawyers. We seek the same rights to interstate travel that lawyers in the EU and Canada already possess."

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