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New Autoworker Asbestos Screenings in Cleveland

Asbestos screenings continue in the US. An Ohio news station reported Cleveland area screenings by a UAW local apparently tied to a GM plant. The story was published on January 18, 2013:

"One of the unfortunate legacies of the area’s industrial past is the potential exposure workers have had to asbestos over the years. Recently, leaders with United Autoworkers 1112 arranged for screenings to be conducted at their union hall on Reuther Drive S.W. in Warren.

The testing was done by a Cleveland area law firm that specializes in cases involving asbestos related lung diseases.

Union leaders said those workers or retirees who might have been exposed to the material prior to the late 1970s may be able to access funds from a class-action lawsuit filed against companies that made asbestos.

“It was an outcry from my retired members that they had heard that other facilities were doing this screening, and they would like to have the opportunity to see if they had been exposed to asbestos and so they could seek proper treatment for it,” said UAW Local 1112 president Glenn Johnson.

Johnson said the first screening was held in November, but another session is being planned for this spring to accommodate those retirees who were not able to attend the earlier session.

Those retirees who are identified as having been exposed to asbestos are then referred to their own doctors for treatment."

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