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Moving Towards the end of James Hardie Trial re Creation of Its Asbestos Trust

James Hardie is an Australian building products company that made lots of asbestos-cement products, some of which were made from the especially lethal blue asbestos fiber known as crocidolite. In years past, it was being sued frequently. It then redomesticated to the Netherlands and established a trust to pay victims, perceiving the law there as favorable towards that end. The trust turned out to be grossly underfunded (which in my opinion was obvious from the start to anyone with a brain and any meaningful experience in asbestos litigation). Ultimately 10 of the senior officers were taken to trial by Australian securities regulators for misleading statements to investors. A recent newspaper article indicates the case is moving towards the end of the becn trial, with summations having started. A decision is expected in a few months. It will be fascinating to see how the judge assesses the situation.

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