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More on the Importance of Storytelling for Lawyers

Storytelling is critically important for trial lawyers. For a very good summary in a couple of pages, see this January 2016 article in the ABA Journal. The article is by Philip N. Meyer, a law professor and the author of Storytelling for Lawyers. His new article takes off from and boils down to a couple of pages one of my favorite books on how and why we humans do what we do; the book is Kahneman’s  Thinking, Fast and Slow. As I said before:

“The book should be required reading for law students and lawyers, especially trial lawyers. Why? Because he explains both System 1 – automatic, “fast” thinking, and System 2 – the much more difficult process of reasoning and doing “slow” thinking. Messages to jurors – or any audience – need to be considered in light of both processes.”

Professor Meyer also has other articles in the journal on storytelling for lawyers. There also are other good blog posts and articles focused on storytelling.

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